surprise visit to Thailand


I’m waiting at Changi airport for a flight to Bangkok after spending the night in Singapore …

All going well, I’ll arrive in Delhi tonight, a mere 18 hours or so late, at 8:40pm Delhi time.

I’ve only got a couple of mins of free internet left, but might log in again later. Spent most of the 15 mins reading about the 1 point loss … oh well, it’s only a practice match šŸ™‚

At least the hotel was pretty swanky, with an awesome breakfast buffet. Would prefer to have woken up in Delhi though.


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  1. Hi Bronwyn. Hope you are happily exploring the streets in INDIA by now. Sounds like an interesting side trip tho’.
    All good at home

  2. Yes, it hurts a hell of a lot more when it’s a final! Still hurts…

    Bad luck on the delay. I must be due for a huge hold up somewhere horrible soon – haven’t had a flight delay or related issue for years. Touch-a-whole-forest-of-wood.

    Have fun.


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