Delhi – Udaipur – Delhi


Back amidst the chaos of Delhi after a relaxing time in Udaipur. Arriving by overnight train at 7am does not encourage kind thoughts about Delhi and I’ve been bunkered down in the hotel uploading photos on Eddie’s laptop. We are venturing out soon though, so this will be another quick post.

Udaipur was really lovely with gorgeous Mughal architecture and palaces on the lake. The City Palace was beautiful – I actually went there twice. And the food was delicious. Eddie was right – I don’t think I’m going to lose any weight here in India!

We’re about to go out, so I’ll upload a couple of photos from Udaipur and comment on them later.


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  1. Oh look at me, blogging via my fancy blackberry. I know what your thinking, he’s obviously a corporate high flier, but I’m also watching ‘family guy’ so I guess that balances out!
    It all sounds very exciting over there and sounds like you’re having a smashing time! Be safe but enjoy every to you

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