Coburg to India 2012


Counting down the days til I leave for India once more! Just 35 days to go!

There are 2 major pre-trip things I need to sort out asap and which are causing me some stress:

– I need someone to house and cat sit. Might be on the verge of having this sorted, which will be a huge relief.

– The doctor needs to work out what’s wrong with my foot. And heal it before I go so I’m not limping around India, or worse, wearing “the boot”.

At the moment he thinks it’s stress fractures. Need to get some more scans done to confirm.

Apart from those 2 dramas I’m (mostly) organised. Just need a few odds and ends, as well as a new backpack. At least this time I don’t have to pack for 2 types of weather conditions and can hopefully travel a bit lighter. Until I start buying stuff, anyway!

I can’t believe I’ve hardly done anything with the photos from the last trip. Where does the time go? They’re all on the computer, I just haven’t done anything to organise them. I think I should try to over the xmas break before I come back with even more. And in March I’ll be starting work on the Coburg Historical Society’s photo collection, which is going to be a huge task.



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