Bye Coburg :-(


Some of you understand how much I love Coburg.  Coburg, Coburg, Coburg!

I’m so going to miss my beloved Coburg. Had a walk up and down Syd Rd tonight, caught up with a few people. Everyone is so excited about my trip and asking questions and telling me they hope  I have a good trip.

And EVERYONE asks about “the boot” AKA “Bootesh” lol I think Bootesh is going to get a lot of attention in India!

It was nice to catch up with my work friends today and so sweet of them to wish me well and be thinking of me.

I’m all packed now and just chilling with a glass of red and listening to music. I feel a lot more relaxed this time. Last time i was freaking out – there was a bombing near Mumbai a few days before I left, and apart from that it was my first “big trip”, so I  was a bit nervous anyway.

The “real Isis” now knows that I’m leaving her, poor baby. She’s alternating between super affectionate and super pissed off. I keep telling her that her lovely new friend G will be here to look after her tomorrow, but she’s still pissed off with me. She seems to adore G, so I reckon she’ll be fine when he gets here.

Hopefully i’ll have enough internet access to blog, but if i don’t i’ll catch up with you all when i get back. Curry and slide night lol

Take care everyone

BB xo








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