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I've created this little spot to share the stories and photos of my adventures in India with my family and friends and other non-facebookers.

leaving paradise


Bidding a sad farewell to beautiful Varkala beach in a few hours and a sadder farewell to India just before midnight.

Sorry for being slack with the posting, I’ve just been too busy having fun to get on the net. I’ll add photos and write some more when I return home.

It’s been such a fantastic trip. I can’t wait to come back. See you again SOON India! I’ll miss you 😦


Chalo Chickoo


This afternoon is the first long stretch of quiet time I’ve had since arriving in Mumbai, so I thought I’d better quickly get on the net, check facebook and email etc and post to the blog before the kids (my mini entourage) get home from school and want me to go out and play with them.And I needed some quiet time today after getting hugely stressed out trying to deal with vodafail – Aus AND India. In short, vodafail Aus stuffed up my roaming, so I’ve had no usable phone (apart from using it for mp3s) since leaving Aus. And vodafail India … well, that’s just too long to get into, and i’ve only just recovered, so i won’t recount the tale or i’ll need more coffee and retail therapy.

Fingers crossed I’ll have my phone working by tomorrow morning India time.

Anyway, although the phone drama was enough for me to lose the plot a bit this morning (I say “a bit”, but I think I scared Pawan and his wife … ooops), the rest of my time in Mumbai has been just wonderful! It took me a couple of days to settle in and get used to being in India, but I’m completely relaxed now and love living with my new Indian family!

Lol right on cue, the kids have turned up! I asked them to give me 20 mins, so I’d better be quick!

The family have been so welcoming and lovely. I’m getting fussed over and spoiled rotten! I’ve eaten some fabulous meals with them, and returned the favour (well, in a small way) by cooking for them on Sunday night – a 5 course “Aussie-ish” meal for 13 people!

Better go, the kids are getting restless. We’re going to the shops to pick up my sari blouses. I think the women of the house are keen to dress me up in my saris, so no doubt there’ll be pics of me dressed up forthcoming! In the meantime, here are some pics of my adventures so far. Will add details later.

Home made brekky

View from the balcony of my Mumbai home

BB cooks dinner