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Pre-trip posts

No drama re cat sitting


Just wanted to add that my new work colleague, G, is cat and house sitting for me while I’m in India! So relieved that I don’t have to send (the real) Isis out to boarding. She would hate me forever if I did that. Thank you SO MUCH G!


Coburg to India 2012


Counting down the days til I leave for India once more! Just 35 days to go!

There are 2 major pre-trip things I need to sort out asap and which are causing me some stress:

– I need someone to house and cat sit. Might be on the verge of having this sorted, which will be a huge relief.

– The doctor needs to work out what’s wrong with my foot. And heal it before I go so I’m not limping around India, or worse, wearing “the boot”.

At the moment he thinks it’s stress fractures. Need to get some more scans done to confirm.

Apart from those 2 dramas I’m (mostly) organised. Just need a few odds and ends, as well as a new backpack. At least this time I don’t have to pack for 2 types of weather conditions and can hopefully travel a bit lighter. Until I start buying stuff, anyway!

I can’t believe I’ve hardly done anything with the photos from the last trip. Where does the time go? They’re all on the computer, I just haven’t done anything to organise them. I think I should try to over the xmas break before I come back with even more. And in March I’ll be starting work on the Coburg Historical Society’s photo collection, which is going to be a huge task.




A bit envious that deemad is seeing AC/DC tonight. When I booked tickets ages ago I could only get Monday night. It doesn’t matter, especially since every night’s starting to feel like a weekend night now!

Amused to read in the paper today that police are having a crackdown for tonight’s concert, after fans arrived at Thursday night’s concert “already drunk and behaving in an anti-social manner”.  Really? At an AC/DC concert? Who would have thought?

I don’t feel all that inspired to go out shopping in the rain this afternoon, so I’ll have a tinker with the camera and attempt to upload some photos.

Butterflies, backpacks and blogs


10 sleeps to go and the butterflies continue to flutter, matched only in intensity with the moments of excitement. These mood swings are quite strange, but I’ve been reassured that they’re normal.

Finally took the backpack in to work, so I can take it to Kathmandu to get it adjusted on my lunch break one day. I’ll try to avoid the temptation to buy too many things there, but I do still need pants.

Trying to learn how to use the camera so I can put some pre-departure pics up. No doubt most will be of Isis and my kitchen!

I’ve made this blog invite-only (very exclusive!), now I’m trying to decide who to invite.