Coburg to India 2012


Counting down the days til I leave for India once more! Just 35 days to go!

There are 2 major pre-trip things I need to sort out asap and which are causing me some stress:

– I need someone to house and cat sit. Might be on the verge of having this sorted, which will be a huge relief.

– The doctor needs to work out what’s wrong with my foot. And heal it before I go so I’m not limping around India, or worse, wearing “the boot”.

At the moment he thinks it’s stress fractures. Need to get some more scans done to confirm.

Apart from those 2 dramas I’m (mostly) organised. Just need a few odds and ends, as well as a new backpack. At least this time I don’t have to pack for 2 types of weather conditions and can hopefully travel a bit lighter. Until I start buying stuff, anyway!

I can’t believe I’ve hardly done anything with the photos from the last trip. Where does the time go? They’re all on the computer, I just haven’t done anything to organise them. I think I should try to over the xmas break before I come back with even more. And in March I’ll be starting work on the Coburg Historical Society’s photo collection, which is going to be a huge task.



Isis in Coburg


… and dreaming about India. I’ve started planning the next trip to India, in January 2011, so I’m thinking perhaps I should actually finish writing about the last trip? Or at least put up some photos.

end of an adventure


all good things must come to an end unfortunately . we are looking forward to seeing you and hearing about all your adventures in India . Dad and I are so glad that you have finally made it to India , a place you have dreamed about for so long and hope it was everything and more . I know you will want to return to visit the remainder of the country . January sounds a good month to visit. see you on Monday ,all our love Mum & Dad xxxx

chillin out in oz


wow i have changed my mind about india, what a beautiful place. have you bought a new motorbike? maybe 1950 style, LOL. granny received her card so the postal service is better than america, you are still waiting for your postcards we sent 10 years ago. all well love m/d xxxooo

Chilling out in Goa


Goa is beautiful, but it’s SO hot here and very very humid. The type of humidity in which you need to have another shower as soon as you get out of the shower. I’ve had to have a plentiful supply of refreshing beverages to keep myself hydrated 🙂

I’ve spent the last couple of days in the capital city, Panjim, doing very little except eat fish and prawns and drink beer and shop. Goan food is delish! I’ll have to learn to make it at home as I can’t recall any Goan restaurants in Melbourne.

This morning I’m heading off to South Goa, where I’ll spend a few days at a beach called Palolem. It looks like a postcard picture place – swaying palms and long stretches of white sand. Bliss! I don’t know if I’ll have internet access there, so I may not be back online until next week in Mumbai. Looks like I’ll be adding photos when I get home as I just don’t seem to have enough net time to write AND upload pics. Don’t want to spend too much time on the net, either.

Before I came to Goa we went to Amritsar and visited the Golden Temple, which was beautiful. We waited an hour and a half in the queue to get inside, then only got a few minutes in the mosh pit inside – enough time to have a look around and get our bangles blessed. But it was well and truly worth it.

Sadly I’ll miss the footy on Sunday as I’ll be in transit, I was hoping to follow it online 😦 those of you who are Pies fans will have to barrack harder on my behalf – make sure you throw in a few chants of “STEEEEEEEEEEELE”! I don’t think Jack’s playing, but if he is, also do a few “Who’s got the ball chants” please 🙂 And could someone please text me the final score? My number is +91 9650 954 296